Art as a Sight of Resistance + Indivisible Art Collective Launch

Sun, 16 April 2017 // 03:30 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Please join us in the simultaneous launch of two projects, Art as a Sight of Resistance and An Indivisible Art Collective. These are small collections of art that have been made in response to the recent political climate. The launch party will feature music by Carolina Meurkens, Brian Kim, Pablo Salazar, Frances Ines Rodriguez, Eleanor Larsen, Mariam Abuamer; performances by Cansu Saltık, James Zebooker, and Kimber Tai Monroe; and readings by Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari, and more! Drinks will be a-flowing, alongside a general sense of love and community and action.

This event is free but donations are welcome and encouraged! Proceeds will be going to the American Civil Liberties Union.

An Indivisible Art Collective is a collaborative submission based project, founded by Kimber Tai Monroe, Carolina Meurkens, and Ciena Leshley. Inspired by our search for a space to come together as artists and activists, an Indivisible Art Collective seeks to achieve this in two phases. The first phase is an online submission based platform that will allow for artists to publish their work inspired by our current national and international political climate, in this form of artistic activism. The second phase is a concert series, showcasing submissions and a multimedia performance. All donations will go towards non profit organizations. Please join us for our first concert April 16th with the side by side launch of Ciena’s zine Art as a Sight of Resistance. All proceeds of this performance with be going to the ACLU!

Art as a Sight of Resistance is the product of Ciena Leshley’s undergraduate thesis. Originally focused on the art and literature of East Germany during the Cold War, Ciena’s thesis has shifted into a redefinition of “dissent” and the many forms that it can take, including the forms that it must take under oppressive regimes. Following November, and the first 30 odd days of the newest presidential term, the project’s importance has shifted. There is much we can learn from artists and authors who worked under conditions of censorship, fear, withheld information, and repression. We have to do what we have to do to survive, and this small self-published zine hopes to contribute in some small way to a broader community of artists and writers doing what they feel they must during these troubling times. The zine will be limited edition, and at no cost.