Creative Responses: #MeToo

Mon, 30 October 2017 // 06:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Bowery Poetry is committed to opening our doors for creative responses to social problems and challenges. Join us at 6pm on 10/30 for an informal discussion around the #metoo movement, and take your stories off social media and into a safe, inclusive environment led by poet and creative entrepreneur Lisa Ann Markuson.

We’ll be sharing our experiences, supporting each other, and looking for ways to move forward and strengthen each other through all art forms, including development of a collaborative artwork around #metoo and all that it entails.

A note about the community we’re inviting:

#metoo Creative Responses is an event focused on the experience of feminine spectrum people being victimized by varying manifestations of toxic masculinity. As such, this is event will be a cathartic, safe, and nurturing space oriented toward feminine and female-identifying people. If you are a male-identifying person, we welcome you to attend as well if you are 100% committed to being a supportive ally and learning from the feminine perspective and taking your experience back out into the world.

Donation $10 recommended, sliding scale