Danny Shot NY WORKS Book Party

Sun, 25 March 2018 // 03:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Come and help celebrate Danny Shot's newest book - WORKS by CavanKerry Press. Guest readers include: Bob Holman, Nancy Mercado, Marc Williams, Melissa Goodrum and Timothy Ree.


Danny Shot's, Works, is a love song to poetry and the brutal honesty needed to bear one's soul. It's images of sweating then stripping in the 9th St. PATH Station makes me miss Jersey and I've already begun learning, Allyson, by heart. Such beautiful work must be read and shared and championed for if departure is Works theme, I intend to dish Dan his soup now. — reg e gaines ( Grammy nominated lyricist, Bring in da Noise/Bring in da Funk)

Danny Shot’s unmistakable voice, his familiarity with the lives of New Jersey denizens, his combination of tingling smartness and soft heart, his comic pacing, and his overall solid craftsmanship, prove once again that New Jersey is the longterm absolute center of American Poetry. From Whitman to Shot it’s a straight shot, with stops along the way for Williams and Ginsberg, a walk through the graveyard, a yell at corruption and greed, a seat at the bar. — Alicia Ostriker

danny shot’s figured it out as far as it can be figured out, sentimental, pissed-off, brilliant, heart-on-his-black-leather-sleeve, an unbeatable mixture of working stiff and bohemian royalty, intellectual in the brightest color of the word, he'll insult your clothes and pull a bottle of absinthe out of his porkpie hat, a man you want to drink a beer with, argue with, back you up, pick you up off the floor, you wanna hang with this dude and this book is the way to do it, his emotional adventures are right there on the page and lucky you are to have his Works in your hands… now buy it you cheap bastard… — the dirty poet (notorious Pittsburgh street poet)

Like Basho traveled the narrow roads of northern Japan, Shot walks, drives, and drunkenly stumbles the byways of north Jersey, composing deeply moving poems. Hoboken is no less inspirational than Hokkaido, and from reflections on Amira Baraka to the bar scene, Works is the culmination of an arduous journey, but one well spent and beautifully distilled. Count Danny Shot as one of those poets who write best when their feet ache. — Paul Beatty (first American winner of the Mann Booker Prize)