WITS-NESS (What Is This Super New Electrifying Shit, Someone?!!)

Sun, 09 March 2014 // 03:30 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Originally called WITS ("What Is This Shit?") and featuring poets Edwin Torres and Sharon Mesmer, this comedic carom through current events ("Breaking Bad Wind") and deep philosophical conundrums ("Did Ancient People Become Fishnuts?") debuted on Edwin's PS1 online radio show, Live Nude Radio Theater. Legendary poet Todd Colby, will be one of our real/invented guests — along with recorded skits and spontaneous cartoon drawing, this should make for a lively Sunday afternoon.

The collective brain-shock that occurs during their stratospheric verbal virtuosity has caused WITS to rise from the dead for these two special shows at The Bowery Poetry Club — power-morphing into a new incendiary incarnation, “WITS-NESS: What Is This Super New Electrifying Shit, Someone?!!" Presented as a live radio show, with cheap sound effects and cheaper music, Edwin and Sharon are a modern day, potty-mouthed, riff-alicious Burns and Allen, spinning their ginormous "Wheel of WITS" (which determines the hot topics they will be training their razor-sharp minds and tongues upon) to the slack-jawed amazement of their audience. Additional real/invented guests and spontaneous cartoon drawing will make for a pair of lively Sunday afternoons.