Sun, 15 June 2014 // 03:30 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

In MO-EMS, her first solo show, physician and public health researcher Maureen Miller converts the Bowery Poetry Club into her portable classroom. MO-EMS is performed from the perspective of a struggling medical student so starved for affirmation from supervisors and peers that she reinvents herself on the Web as MoMilli, a conscience-free, swaggering rapper who’s med student’s id. The digital native’s relentless grasps for external validation come to life through MoMilli’s attention-grabbing, gratuitously confessional work as an MC. She doesn’t trust attention to remain on her, though, and so, she’ll break for health literacy pamphlets, free screenings, technology, small group science labs, plus prizes, possibly. Are her poems actually good, or just gimmicks? Is the exercise of showing up empathic or enabling? MO-EMS challenges the patient-doctor relationship by presenting you a doctor who looks so hard at herself that you can’t look away.