Gender Envy (Kelli Dunham) & Waithe for It (Elsa Waithe) TONIGHT 6:30 PM SHARP

Mon, 05 October 2015 // 06:30 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)


Kelli Dunham & Elsa Waithe will both be recording live CDs! Wit the amazing Jes Tom emceeing.

8-15 bucks sliding scale. Can't do it but still really need to enjoy this fine comedic storytelling? Emil and we can make arrangements.

Genderqueer ex-nun nerdcomic Kelli Dunham has been making uncomfortable comedy for more than 15 years. Gender Envy will be a CD recording show for her 5th comedy CD. Her last four CDs "I am NOT a 12 year Old Boy" and "Almost Pretty" and "Why Is the Fat One Always Angry" and "Full of Bad Ideas" are all on regular rotation on Sirius XM Radio's Rawdog Comedy Station as well as Pandora's Margaret Cho station.

In her newest show "Gender Envy" Kelli once again brings her own brand of offbeat storytelling comedy to topics even spoken word dare not tread: the dude who informed Kelli he was her real biological father 30 seconds before she walked on stage in OshKosh Wisconsin; strangers who mistake Kelli for a Chris Farley who has been dead more than a decade and high school students who ask Kelli why she looks like a "teenage boy with titties."

Hilariously queer and queerly hilarious Elsa Waithe will be recording her first CD Waithe for It.

Comedian, Activist, and All-Around Wildchild. Elsa's comedy is a mix of light-hearted but critical jabs at homosexuality and race. But mainly just herself and weed.

Jes Tom is emceeing! Jes Tom is a weird queer stand up comic with but one goal: To hurt the feelings of The Man.

Naw, but really. Jes is a new voice in stand up comedy, gleefully providing the genderqueer Asian American radical cyborg perspective that everyone never knew they wanted. A San Francisco native, Jes has been featured alongside West Coast personalities Marga Gomez, Jenny Yang, D’Lo, and The Zodiac Killer (he was never caught, so this might be true). Now established in New York City, Jes can be found scowling in the corner at open mics, at their day job selling dildos to the wealthy, and in their pajamas at 2pm, having just woken up. Jes Tom prefers they/them pronouns.