Day on a Ladder Presents: ShoutHouse and Friends at Bowery Poetry

Sun, 06 October 2013 // 04:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Day on a Ladder is a new music collective based in Brooklyn. Featured on this set will be the ensemble ShoutHouse, as well as Gabriel Zucker and his group. ShoutHouse, founded by composer Will Healy, borrows freely from jazz, hip-hop, poetry, and other influences. It explores new fusions between classical music and poetry, featuring original lyrics by hip-hop artist Adè Ra and poet Mario Ariza. The group features strings and winds along with a rhythm section and emcee. The set will also feature music by jazz-influenced award-winning, Michigan-based composer Patrick Harlin.

Gabriel Zucker will perform original music with his group as well, which will feature Adè Ra, Emily Bookwalter, and others.

Tickets: $10