Mind-Roaming Journeys: Surreal Performances With Projection, Text and Voice

Mon, 09 September 2013 // 07:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Mind-Roaming Journeys: Surreal Performances With Projection, Text and Voice

NY: Live performances of surreal mindscapes in which artist-writer-performers extend themselves, and transport the audience, via physical body, projected imagery and words, into otherworldly space-time place-moments that reflect the real world through dreamlike imaginings and landscapes, thereby connecting every person, on stage and off, through their own sense of reality/unreality/hyperreality on a subconscious, imaginary plane far beyond the mundane. Texts comprise original and famous writings, some read aloud on mic, some held on paper, some moving oncscreen, as the performer interacts with objects and screen images onstage or meandering among the audience. PLUS: SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO PETER GRZYBOWSKI.

Performers: Barbara Rosenthal Katie Peyton & Partner Joseph A. W. Quintela Peter Grzybowski Claudia Serea Steve Dalachinsky Kerry Kennedy Moira WIlliams David Moscovich The 181 (Abby Donovan, Brandon Boan, Tom Hughes)

Curated by eMediaLoft.org

LOCATION: Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery, New York, New York 10012

DATE and TIME: Monday, Sept. 9, onstage at 7pm. Doors & bar open at 6pm. Tickets at door: $ 10. (entitles you to free booklet and raffle for "Provocation Cards Folio" artists book by Barbara Rosenthal)


  1. THE 181 (Abby Donovan, Brandon Boan, Tom Hughes) moving pauses, or why bridges are like whales performance by the 181 We take as our starting point the optic chiasma, that X that marks the spot in the human brain. Images passing along the optic nerves cross over/under each other, leading us to imagine the flipped flow image crossing X of the 10th century physicist Ibn al-Haytham. Darkness makes beauty appear. The 3 artists and their reflections move through space, chanting and beaming and smackcatching the light. “Once again I find myself thinking of ladders. Up or down goes the mortal weight, and heaven help the fool.”

  2. MOIRA WILLIAMS Moira Williams in Conversation with David Attenborough Moira Williams in conversation with David Attenborough: Solving the Secrets of Body Landscapes through projection, performance, moments of ultra violet light and found soundwork.

  3. KERRY KENNEDY Spirit Dream A spoken piece which conveys the dreams of ancient and contemporary spirits. Utilizing appropriated historical imagery the spirit investigates her world, and tries to understand how she is perceived by those around her. Her story is based on memories in which lost history informs current realities through dreams. Posing questions and describing her journey she invites the viewer into her world. The Dream is represented by a series of projected images and spoken word text. The contemporary “sprit” is the artist who will present a monologue and pose verbal challenges concerning negative imagery. “I return to my dream, a safe place, my home.”

  4. DAVID MOSCOVICH Surrealist Manifesto Remixed Based on Andre Breton’s approach to writing surrealist composition, the performance is a remix and collage of a live, non-linear reading with a video projection of the same text, rendered in color. 11 different text permutations are recorded with the text placed out of its original space, then dismantled, then reconfigured visually, with characters. The text is approached as a medium of surrealism itself, read aloud, and for radio simulcast. The voice then, will triangulate the visual collage of the surrealist manifesto.

  5. CLAUDIA SEREA Angels & Beasts Reading “Yes, I have plenty of room for thorns, answered the rosebush. In spring, I’ll grow long arms from the ground. I’ll grab the trellis and climb, and I’ll bloom on top, but only for bees and birds, not hands. I’ll swing in the breeze, my body adorned with thorns and with the sharp pain of your wounds.”

  6. BARBARA ROSENTHAL Surreal Photo Stories: Father a Boy / Figure from a Dream / Look into a Banked Stage, Tight Black and White 35mm photographs from Rosenthal’s project Surreal Photographs: Trapped Figures, Tiny Houses and Eerie Locations create a changing backdrop as she performs a mediated reading of three one-page stories from her book Sensations. “...bare trees lined up rigidly”

  7. KATIE PEYTON The Conclusion A supermodern conversation about art, history and the end of the world. Peyton, performing live with Joseph A.W. Quintela, and in the projection with Lee Wells, examines Alain Resnais’s avant garde film “Last Year at Marienbad”, addressing the ambiguous nature of the original plot through a chaotic discourse on contemporary life, social relations and spectacle. A man and woman engage in a psychological dual, drawing the viewer into a hyperspatial dialogue in which silhouettes of the future reveal the intelligent ruins of a civilization reverberating with collective artistic memory. "The starry hem of the river unravels."

  8. JOSEPH A. W. QUINTELA Pareidolia Pareidolia (noun): the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the phenomena of seeing faces in objects. In this performance, Quintela reads from curated texts describing the face, in conjunction with a shifting projection, re-mixing photographs using the hand to complete the suggestion of Pareidolia. The photos are named by an adjective describing the object representing eye, nose, or mouth, and Quintela will substitute the currently appearing object at their mention, thus refracting the texts back into the object world, bringing objects to face. “The flowers shout what the left hand fear(s) to say.” (eyes) (lips) -- William Henry

  9. STEVE DALACHINSKY ARTAUD Le Momo Dalachinsky reads his poem reflecting Artaud, during projection of 8 original surreal collages, looped. " a system of justice tragic figure bent stooping upright aged so old before your time fingers mingling your mind reflected in glassbook descriptions desert on the end table seeds of Ciguri stirring in your stomach circling forever the soul the man the mother the momo the fingers the nails driven home"

  10. Ronnie Norpel Surreal: Cabbage (Shredded) Sirens blare and lights flash in the urban canyon's darkness. In a nighttime bird's-eye view, fire engines and emergency vehicles pass through an intersection, around cabs, cars and buses, and amass in front of a smoking grocery. The performer paces and recites from the incident report and the Lord's Prayer. "1177 @ 22:46 Engs. 22, 44, 53, 39 T. Lad. 13, Lad. 43"

  11. TRIBUTE TO PETER GRZYBOWSKI Reading (Performance Documentation Video as Special Tribute) As special tribute to the life and career of a performance artist who presented with us last year at Tribes, and was invited back for this evening at Bowery, but so sadly died July 29 of lung cancer after only a few months since diagnosis, this year’s presentation of “Mind-Roaming Journeys” will screen for your pleasure and contemplation, the performance documentation video of “Readings” by Peter Grzybowski, shot at Tribes on July 22, 2012 by Dean Ebben.

LOCATION: Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery, New York, New York 10012 646-368-5623 voice only

DATE and TIME: Monday, Sept. 9, onstage at 7pm. Doors & bar open at 6:45pm. Tickets at door: $10. (entitles you to free program and raffle for "Sensations" artist's book of surreal photos and stories by Barbara Rosenthal)