Facilitating Strategic Disruption - The Show!

Mon, 09 December 2013 // 06:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

proudly presented by Cultural Strategies Initiative and Bowery Arts & Science

On November 11th, artists, geeks and citizens at the Bowery Poetry Club engaged in a new kind of DIY arts challenge. They drank and talked about false messages being perpetuated by the fossil energy industries. Then they formed 4 teams and each chose a lie to debunk.

Each team was given a $60 budget and 4 weeks to create a kick-ass 10 minute art/performance intervention that provides a counter narrative and directly engages community members.

Join us on Monday, December 9th to see what they’ve cooked up. Watch the show, drink some more and talk with us about what it all means. Not your grandmother’s parlor game!

Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery (Bleecker & Houston) $10
Advance sales & Tickets at the door (subject to availability)

Transnational corps and their elite maintain power by pushing messages that create false narratives aimed at shaping our decision-making in their favor.

Through political, media and industrial entertainment ownership, they construct and enforce a vi$ion of the futu®e that $e®ve$ them, but ignores environmental degradation and people suffering from growing economic disparity.

We are sold this inevitable future with false messages telling us we are powerless to change it, and that no alternative is possible. We’re not buying it.

We are artists, techgeeks and other citizens daring to disrupt these narratives – incorporating successful strategies from the past and innovating with our minds, bodies and the tools at hand. And now we are creating tool kits for DIY kick-ass art and performance interventions. Come see the first work and get in on the bigger discussion.