Sun, 01 December 2013 // 04:00 PM
Bowery Poetry, 308 Bowery, NYC (map)

Join us for a collection of original works -- dance, theater, music, poetry, and other offerings -- examining the economic, gender and social dynamics of gift giving and the slipperiness of unspoken contracts. The performances are followed by a moderated discussion regarding the constellation of material and its alignment through the lens of Lewis Hyde's THE GIFT - facilitated by Elliott Maltby.

"Treats" created by Mike Leibenluft and Megan Kendzior with Courtney Baron, Daniel K. Isaac, Brittany Parker, and Andrew Simon. Live sound by Emily Auciello.

Poetry by Michele Lent Hirsch

A new improvisation by Milo Cramer and Max Cramer

Original music by Emma March Barash

A new dance choreographed by Emie Hughes

A scene by Ricky Dunlop

A new work by Athena Kokoronis

Bowery Arts + Sciences presents TREATS on Sunday December 1st at 4 pm for $12 at the door.

More information is available here:

How large a cup of coffee do I need to buy you to get into your pants?

How much would you charge me for 3 liters of the blood in your body?

Do you think that the amount I spend on your wedding gift reflects the depth of our friendship?

What do you owe your parents?