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Excerpt from “Rings” by Aesop Rock


“Used to draw / Hard to admit that I used to draw / Portraiture and the human form / Doodle of a two-headed unicorn / It was soothing / Moving his arm in a fusion of man-made tools and a muse from beyond / Even if it went beautifully wrong, it was tangible truth for a youth who refused to belong”

This whole song has been resonating with me lately, both as a concise description of the feeling that seduced me into poetry 15+ years ago and as a cautionary tale that boils down to ‘don’t stop doing that which gives you life inside yourself’. Almost everyone I know, myself included, has been taking it on the chin so far in 2019. It’s good to keep sight that it’s all crests and troughs; such is life as an organism that survives.

“You can’t imagine the rush that ensue / When you get three dimensions stuffed into two”

So maybe set aside some time this month to get reacquainted with your muse.



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PoetNY Open Mic: Every Sunday

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Emily Brandt is the author of three chapbooks: Sleeptalk or Not At All, ManWorld and Behind Teeth. Among other places, her poems have recently appeared in LitHub, The Recluse, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Square Review, and the anthology Inheriting the War.


Open Language: Intuitive Writing Workshop with Emily Brandt | May 5 - June 2

Among poetry's many trickster gifts is its freedom to record our most intuitive experiences without the pressures of conventional grammars or linear time. In this workshop, we'll use meditative writing exercises to generate work that holds a microphone up to the backs of our brains. What can our associative mind reveal? What about our dreams? Our streams of consciousness? The activation of our six senses? Rather than relying on the analytic or imitative parts of our minds, well experiment with intuitive readings of a range of poets and see where such readings can steer our own creative processes. Poets of all experience levels are invited to join in this generative workshop experience. Expect to read, write, and workshop in a freeing way that lets your analytic mind rest, making space for other elemental voices to emerge.

5-week poetry workshop (noon-2 pm): May 5, 12, 19, 26, and June 2.


CAMP LAWLESS 2019 | June 16th - August 25th

At Camp Lawless, your primary goal is to develop new poems: a quantity of your own original writing. And like any Summer Camp, you will emerge as a somewhat unrecognizable but more experienced form of yourself. Our generative format will allow you to develop your voices, write voluminously, journal (yes, you may write home!), and scare yourself. This class will be playful, harness the fun of summer sun and Sundays, but it will also be hard work! We will study non-traditional forms, collaboration, ekphrastic writing, elegy, using the self, hybrid, anti-poems, found, nature, formal, conceptual, dreams, the internet, and more. Class time will be spent on active writing, workshops, experiencing, listening to and responding to visitors, a little editing, and you will also practice performing your new work! We will be visited by amazing working poets (TBA), read poetry, words, and letters from the past and present. And since it's SUMMER, we will take a writing excursion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as to the sidewalks, parks, and even the New York City Poetry Festival for inspiration and writing.

We will feel the summer heat, eat pizza, eat ice cream and write hungrily, constantly, responsibly, and recklessly. The summer will end with a capstone project: a chapbook manuscript! If you're doing it right, you'll cry tears of joy and tears of wild emotion: either way changed and renewed!

Every week we will read cutting-edge, crazy, and curious poetry, words, and letters from the past, present, and the future like John Keats, Vincent Van Gogh, Gaston Bachelard, John Wieners, Mary Ruefle, Sommer Browning, Chris Kraus, Anne Boyer, and more.

Every Sunday noon to 2 pm. June 16 through August 25.


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